Toxic Gas Leak Detector CO Blue Smoke Detector Sensor LCD Display Home Alarm

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Ideal for safeguarding your circle of relatives from carbon monoxide Feature:The concentration of carbon monoxide is detected by the sensor, and when the concentration reaches a undeniable value, an audible and visible alarm is issued, and the concentration is different at different time intervals.When the alarm detects a carbon monoxide leak, the screen displays the present value in keeping with the gas concentration (now not displayed below 50 PPM).The alarm integrates the fault self-test serve as, which is able to promptly remind the user to steer clear of the failure to notify the placement in time because of the fault.The imported chip has strong sensitivity to carbon monoxide molecules and is timely sensed.Suitable for offices, homes, supermarkets, libraries, schools, factories, and so on.It is suggested to put in this alarm at the wall Parameter:Power: 3 AA batteriesAlarm solubility: 50ppm, 60-90 minutes; 100ppm, 10-40 minutes; 300ppm, 3 minutes;Quiescent current: <80uAAlarm current: <80mAWorking range: 4 ° C -38 ° CAlarm sound: 85dB (at a distance of 1m), frequency 3-0.5KHZStatic indication: green LED each and every 30 secondsTest button: press a couple of seconds to send an alarm to sound normalSize: 10cm × 4cmWeight: 0.12kgLow battery alarm: each and every 30 seconds, a beep, LED shows 'LD' Green LED: Flashes once each and every 30 seconds, indicating that the device is operating typically. The fairway LED will even flash before the CO reading and when any button is pressed.Red LED: When a deadly level of carbon monoxide is detected, the red LED will flash and a noisy alarm will sound. The carbon monoxide alarm mode is 4 short beeps, followed by 5 seconds of silence, followed by 4 short beeps and corresponding red LED flashes. The cycle will last for 4 minutes after which change to 1 cycle per minute until the device is reset or the CO is got rid of. The Test/Reset button is designed for weekly trying out, is operating properly, and resets the device throughout a CO alertPackage Contents: 1 x carbon monoxide alarm 2 x screws (except battery)

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