2x Wireless Smoke Fire Sensor Detector Alarm 85dB System For Home Alarm Security

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Please add this item on your watch list so as to receive value update about it by way of email. Here is how: Click the Add to Watch List button underneath the Place bid or Buy It Now button. Name:Wireless smoke alarm detector Model:730025 Specifications: Operating voltage:DC12V(network sort) ,9V battery(independence or wireless sort) Static current:≤200uA(network sort),≤10uA(independence or wireless sort) Alarm current:≤20mA Indicate alarm:Red LED flash Sound level:≥85dB/m(independence or wireless sort) Operating temperature:-10℃-50℃ Opperating humidity:≤95p.cRH Detecting house:20 sq. meter Subject material:ABS plastic Color:White Size:107mm*35mm Features: -Check by hand -Auto reset -Asic adopted -Anti-mild -Robust adaptability for circumstance -SMT design,Top stability Insrallation and Check: 1.(independence or wireless sort)Taking the battery into battery box before installation 2.(network sort) Connect DC 12V power ,red wire for anode,black for cathode,white for COM,orange for No, yellow for NC. 3.Connect the facility ,the detector comes into operating state.Indicationg LED flashes once per 40 seconds,once per 1 second at alarm state. 4.Make a selection right kind place(typically mounted at the center of the seiling),fix the mounting base,then put the detector into the bottom and switch it. 5.After installation,press the Check button to check the output of the detector.LED will have to flash once per 1s.The detector will have to give out sound(independence sort),will have to send out RF signal(wireless sort),will have to drive relay( network sort) 6.You’ll be able to press the Check button at the Check the detector or blow slightly of smoke into the detector to check if it work properly.The detector will get well to standard working state when the smoke disperse. Package come with: 2 x Alarm detector On Aug-31-17 at 08:37:20 PDT, seller added the next data:

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